Ecuador Amazon Expedition 2017 Travel Itinerary

Amazon Travel Itinerary- By Day

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October 12th to October 4th, 2017


October 12, Friday (Day 1):

International Flights arriving in to Quito, transportation to lodging at Hotel Vieja Cuba.

Depending on the time of your arrival there, you could explore or rest.

October 13, Saturday (Day 2):

Breakfast at Hotel Vieja Cuba.

We will have a meet and greet with Rosemary and our guide for the journey ahead.

From there we will take the bus towards the Imbabura Province, stopping at the Quitsato Project to learn about the Equator, its sundial and its importance to highlander cultures.

Lunch will be on the way to our visit to the Otavalo Market. This is a treasure trove!

In the afternoon we will visit a Healer at Agualongo with Yachac Maria Juana for a Cleansing Ceremony.

Arrive late afternoon to San Clemente Community to meet host families and settle in before dinner.

During our stay in San Clemente Community each participant will be assigned a host family. Staying with host families gives a deeper look at the community’s way of living, an opportunity to discover the value of Sumak Kawsay (Joyful Life) and feel the community’s connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and other community members. Three to four people will stay at each host family’s house.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with family activities such as: grinding corn, preparation of food at the kitchen, animal handling, etc.

Each participant will participate in a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner with the host family unless there is a scheduled communal meal or group activity.

October 14, Sunday (Day 3):


After breakfast, we’ll gather together to attend to Manuel Guatemal Agriculture Calendar. You may get to help plow a lot, or get the soil ready for seeding!

Lunch at Pambamesa

Afternoon activities will include a demonstration of traditional embroidery and a medicinal plant, walk where we learn about native plants and their uses.

We’ll have dinner with our host families and then attend a farewell celebration at the community center.

October 15, Monday (Day 4):


After breakfast the group will depart towards South East Ecuador.

On our way we will stop for lunch at the Avenue of the Volcanos.
If the weather is clear, we will see the volcanoes: Antisana at 18,874 ft. (5,753mts.), Sincholagua at 16,069 ft. (4,898 mts.), Pasochoa 13,776 ft. (4,199mts.), Rumiñahui at 15,459 ft. (4,712mts.) and Cotopaxi National Park, the home of the tallest active volcano in the world at 19,347 ft. (5,897mts). This route allows us to see and learn firsthand about the Andean volcanoes.

We’ll arrive late afternoon to the town of Puyo located at the edge of the rainforest. Accommodations and dinner will be at Hostal El Jardín.

There will be a group discussion after we’re settled to debrief the San Clemente’s Visit and Rosemary and our guide will talk about entering the Amazon.

October 16, Tuesday (Day 5):

Breakfast at El Jardín.

After breakfast, we travel to the town of Shell, where we catch a plane for the one-hour flight deep into the Amazon Basin and Achuar Territory.

We will land in the community of Chichirota and visit an Achuar home. Then we will hike towards the Bobonaza River, taking a motorized canoe to Tiinkias Community dock. (Moderate activity; mud, swamp and root walking through the Amazon; 2 hour)

We will have a box lunch on the river.

After arriving to Tiinkias Camp, there will be an introduction to the Tiinkias Project and a guided tour of the camp accommodations.

Dinner at Tiinkias Camp.

October 17, Wednesday (Day 6):

Starting early in the morning we’ll experience a Wayusa tea ceremony and dream sharing with Achuar elders.

The Achuar is a dream sharing culture. Every morning they wake early and share their dreams with each other. This is also a time where they teach the young people how to prepare food and make tools, and is a time to sort out any kind of disagreements or have negotiations.

Breakfast at camp.

After breakfast we’ll hike to Wankanim Lake, kayak for wild life spotting.

We’ll have lunch and dinner at Tiinkias Camp, with ample time in between to debrief, journal, and explore.

October 18, Thursday (Day 7):

Fasting begins, however breakfast is available for those who cannot fast.

No lunch- fast continues for ceremony preparation.

This is a low activity day of reflection and preparation for the evening ceremony and medicinal plant journey.

We will end the day with Ceremony led by the Achuar Shamans and optional Ayahuasca Ceremony.

October 19, Friday (Day 8):

Breakfast at Tiinkias Camp

After breakfast, we will be invited into the Shaman’s house to share our experience of the ceremony.

We’ll visit the Achuar community learn about their culture and share a feast.

After saying goodbye to our hosts we will take the canoe back to the Lodge. There will be time for swimming in the river. There is a good chance you’ll be able to swim with pink dolphins found in the river!

Dinner at Tiinkias Camp

October 20, Saturday (Day 9):

After an early breakfast, there will be time to pack and prepare for our departure from the Amazon.

Begin the journey out of the Amazon rainforest traveling by canoe and small plane back to Shell.

Once we’re on the ground, we’ll drive to our accommodations at Runahuasi Family Stay, where we will have dinner.

October 21, Sunday (Day 10):

Drive back into the highlands up towards Salasaca Community.
Lunch at town of Baños and arrive for accommodations at Runahuasi Family Stay. Dinner and overnight at lodge.


October 22, Monday (Day 11):

After breakfast we will visit Alonso Pilla Weaving Center where we will be shown traditional ancient textile weaving techniques.

Lunch at Salasaca Community.

Have a little celebration time with local band and local cuisine.
Overnight at Runahuasi Home Stay.

October 23, Tuesday (Day 12):

After breakfast we will start our drive towards the water divide at Papallacta’s Paramo.
We will visit Papallacta Hotsprings for massages and our last night. Enjoy soaking in the medicinal waters while acknowledge each participant’s
presence on the group.

October 24, Wednesday (Day 13)

Begin our airport journey home!