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Rosemary BeamRosemary Beam Shamanic HealerOwner and Co-Founder
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

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Sarah LinkShamanic Practitioner

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Sierra Bassett Shamanic Practitioner

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Lora Patrick Shamanic Practitioner

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Rosemary Beam

Owner and Co-Founder
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

Known as the Shaman of the Wild Divine because of her untamed passion for life, Rosemary was born and raised at the foot of Mount Lassen in Northern California. Always close to the land, and the mystery, Beam trained formally with crystals and a broad spectrum of energetic healing practices for over 20 years. Her experience and qualifications range in studies with The Four Winds Society, TAOMCHI, Certified Melody Method Crystal Healing Instructor, Munay-Ki Initiate, Master Crystologyst, Certified Healing Touch practitioner, as well as Reiki Master. Beam apprenticed with anthropologist and shaman Ellyn Rosenthal, and she continues to study with the Q’ero of Peru.

For many years prior to becoming a healer, Rosemary worked for the Walt Disney Company in the role of general manager within The Disney Store, Inc. She was chosen to introduce and execute major programs companywide, changing processes to increase productivity on all levels. At Disney, and later Eddie Bauer, she created highly-developed teams, generated top sales consistently, and maintained internal systems assuring smooth-running operations.  A former Disney colleague remembers her as “an inspiring motivator, a demanding supervisor, a great team builder and a dynamic visionary.”

In her natural calling for working with the land, Rosemary has mastered a deep knowledge of healing with essential oils and essences. She is the creator of Crystal Nectar Essences, a line of crystal essences available through the Rising Fire Store. Most recently she discovered the very high quality essential oils of DoTerra which she endorses and offers through the Store as well. Beam is a specialist in body cleansing and detoxification, which she will begin to share programmatically in 2014. She is also piloting our Vision Quest program after having done her first solo wilderness Quest in 2013.

A theme that clearly weaves through Rosemary’s professional life is her tremendously open-hearted devotion for ongoing community building. She has been conducting ceremonial fires and weekly meditation in Portland since 2010. Rosemary’s goal,as a healer, is to help awaken the human spirit to it’s epic journey through all realms.

Contact Rosemary at Rosemary@rising-fire.com or schedule a session online!


Sarah Link

Shamanic Practitioner

Sarah utilizes sound frequency in her shamanic practice to help facilitate healing on all levels. An important aspect of her practice is working with caregivers of the dying.

World travel awakened her to the tremendous variations of life vibration that Pachamama (Earth Mother) holds. Direct experience of the frequencies of deep water, sacred mountains and ancient human cultures have been inspiring Sarah’s shamanic healing work ever since.

Sarah has a BA in Asian Studies, an International Tour Management certification, and earned a license in Massage Therapy (1998). She has made a study of Ayurveda, essential oils, energy medicine, motherhood and the crucible of relationship.

Sarah has committed seven years to healing and study with Rosemary Beam and Elle Rosenthal at Rising Fire. Additionally, she has studied sound healing with Lauri Shainsky, Phd, and the teachings Tom Kenyon, Peggy Black, Judy Satori. In her work with death and dying, Sarah is inspired by the work and practices of Bodhi Be, Ram Dass and Stephen Jenkinson.

Contact Sarah at soundingground@gmail.com or book a session online now!


Sierra Basset

Shamanic Practitioner

Sierra has dedicated her professional life to working with those who are interested in discovering the truth of who they truly are. Through her studies with Rising Fire Shamanic Healing Center she has experienced the teachings of the high Andes shamanic cultures. She has completed the Rising Fire Healers Training program with teacher/mentor Elle Rosenthal both levels 1 and 2. In addition, Sierra has accompanied teacher and mentor, Rosemary Beam, on four Shamanic expeditions to South America to further her practice in sacred ceremony with the indigenous medicine tribes. She is familiar with plant medicine, and psychedelic therapy. And as she has integrated these experiences, she has come to live a more balanced and authentic life and has dedicated herself to sharing her journey with others. Sierra currently studies with Hamead Ali aka A H Almaas and his senior staff on the principles of The Diamond Approach. This has created a supportive enhancement to her Shamanic practice.

Sierra’s fierce commitment to personal wholeness started with receiving her BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri in 1999. She worked with the developmentally disabled in group homes, the mentally ill at Mid Missouri Mental Hospital, and then moved to Southern Oregon and worked for Jackson County Mental Health with SPMI (serious persistent mental illness) clients. While working for Jackson County Mental Health, Sierra completed nursing school and received her BSN in 2009 from Oregon Health and Science University. As a nurse, Sierra has focused on acutely ill patients with primarily respiratory and cardiac problems. Recently Sierra has returned to working with those struggling with mental health issues.

Another aspect of Sierra’s nursing career has been to incorporate cannabis medicine into her holistic approach of healing. She has completed the Cannabis Nurse courses at The Medical Cannabis Institute and is now a nurse consultant in this field of medicine. Throughout Sierra’s nursing career, she has intentionally incorporated a holistic way of healing into her nursing practice. She is currently a member with the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association and has served on their board in several different roles, the most recent being conference planner for OHNA until 2017. Since 2012 Sierra has been volunteering with the White Bird Clinic in their division called Rock Med. This division is known to assist those in physical, mental, and psychedelic crisis in a festival setting. It has been a profound experience for Sierra to volunteer to be of service in this way.

Sierra has actively embraced wide and diverse healing practices throughout her entire professional nursing career. Her passion for learning and helping others includes Reiki, Healing Touch, Mindfulness practices, Healing Breath Work, Sound Healing, plant medicine, and psychedelic experience integration.

Sierra loves helping others in their healing process and thrives on the opportunity to work with those seeking the truth of who they are. Rumi says it beautifully with his quote, “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”.

Contact Sierra by email at sierra@rising-fire.com, by phone at (541) 326-6559, or book a session online now!

Lora Patrick

Shamanic Practitioner

Lora Patrick is an energy healer and teacher who brings kindness, context and light to the dark and wounded places within the human experience. She provides a structured container of healing practices & teachings, both ancient and modern, for each client’s personal healing, growth, and vitality.

Lora’s training includes a life-long study of spiritual teachings: Christian, Buddhist, Sufi, Hindu, and years of intensive study and training in the shamanic lineage of the Q’ero people of the High Andes in Peru. Her time studying the human body as a nursing student allows Lora to recognize how emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic disorder presents in the physical body.
Lora is a whole-being healer. She weaves ancient healing modalities with modern day psychological understandings, threading her knowledge of human anatomy and of the human condition into a deep container of holding, guiding her clients to heal and experience their own inner capacity and knowing.

Lora’s healing modalities include traditional earth based healing methods such as soul retrievals, dense energy extractions, and past life healings. She also incorporates meditation, energy and breath practices from various traditions, and is a vibrational medicine practitioner and light language worker. Vibrational medicine is sound medicine … drums, bells, feather and voice are a few of the ways Lora works with sound in a session. As a light language worker, Lora speaks, sings, writes and dances light language. Light language is just that, it is the language of light. Human beings are light, we are light in expression. Aren’t we amazing!?! Light language is specific vibrational medicine that works at the level of essence, at the level of you as light. Light language re-codes DNA, clarifies cellular function, re-enlivens dormant wisdom and sparks innate potentials. Lora works at this level of knowledge and access with each of her clients and students.

Lora Patrick works with clients and students sparking their innate wisdom and facilitating the healing of wounds that cause disease, disorder and disconnection. Her expertise is in helping people who feel lost, alone or afraid to find their home, their connection and their love of Self.

Contact Lora by email at lora@rising-fire.com or by phone at (503)396-8311.
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