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Rising Fire is the dream child of  Ellyn Rosenthal, MA & Rosemary Beam

Rosenthal and Beam are powerful healers, teachers and workshop facilitators working in the Peruvian tradition. Experienced leaders, they integrate shamanic  healing work with Mystery Teachings from many traditions, including Buddhist dharma, Native North American influences, crystal healing, World shamanism and the current understandings of non-duality. They are known for their compassionate and honest approach that facilitates deep personal transformation and expanded awareness. Elle, as she is affectionately called, and Rosemary have each developed and run dynamic small businesses. They are now blessed to grow Rising Fire together —  to bring their love of the wild, their love of the human condition, and their many talents, to cultivate a joint vision!

Elle Rosenthal

Rising Fire Staff Healer, Elle Rosenthal


All through her life, Elle has been an explorer and worked with many Medicine men and women in North and South America as well as studying Buddhist dharma in various schools. She has traveled through South America to study with native healers like the Q’ero as well as learning sacred plant medicine and healing ceremonies in the U.S. Elle studied with Tez Redthundercloud (Shinnecock herbalist), Sandra Ingerman in Core Shamanism (the Michael Harner school), as well as Peruvian Shamanism with Val Lordie and Jose Luis Herrera.  As a graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School, Elle assisted in the HLB school for many years before developing her own program.  Elle moved to Portland, OR in 2013 to grow Rising Fire.

Before becoming a healer, Elle worked as an anthropologist with homeless and low-income women in New York City for two decades.  She developed cutting edge programs that provided ground-breaking support for low-income women, including community food businesses and entre-preneur programs for the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corp. She created New York’s first non-profit restaurant, One City Café, which garnered international attention for its innovative approach to training and employing formerly homeless people.  Later, she piloted local action programs that supported sustainable development in New York’s Hudson Valley while working for environmental organizations, Scenic Hudson and The Nature Conservancy. Her professional work on behalf of the Earth was supported by her lifelong love of wild places, backcountry canoeing, backpacking and high-mountain camping.

Elle’s working life has one clear thread: she has always been a facilitator of change.  In NYC, she created new program paradigms that were radically respectful of the strength and resourcefulness homeless people. As a non-profit administrator, Elle transformed work places into fundraising powerhouses with collaborative visioning and communication. She wrote business plans for small entrepreneurs, and coached them to work effectively and close to the heart of their projects by facing both their limiting beliefs and idealizations: the unconscious patterns that often lead small businesses to waste precious time and resources.   In her last employment “gig,” Elle worked for a think tank at the Tibetan Buddhist Garrison Institute, where she researched the impact of mindfulness on earth-friendly, low-carbon-footprint behavior in the United States. Ask her about it when you see her!

Rosemary Beam

Rising Fire Staff Healer, Rosemary Beam

Co-Founder and Shamanic Practitioner

Known as the Shaman of the Wild Divine because of her untamed passion for life, Rosemary was born and raised at the foot of Mount Lassen in Northern California. Always close to the land, and the mystery, Beam trained formally with crystals and a broad spectrum of energetic healing practices for over 20 years. Her experience and qualifications range in studies with The Four Winds Society, TAOMCHI, Certified Melody Method Crystal Healing Instructor, Munay-Ki Initiate, Master Crystologyst, Certified Healing Touch practitioner, as well as Reiki Master. Beam apprenticed with anthropologist and shaman Ellyn Rosenthal, and she continues to study with the Q’ero of Peru.

For many years prior to becoming a healer, Rosemary worked for the Walt Disney Company in the role of general manager within The Disney Store, Inc. She was chosen to introduce and execute major programs companywide, changing processes to increase productivity on all levels. At Disney, and later Eddie Bauer, she created highly-developed teams, generated top sales consistently, and maintained internal systems assuring smooth-running operations.  A former Disney colleague remembers her as “an inspiring motivator, a demanding supervisor, a great team builder and a dynamic visionary.”

In her natural calling for working with the land, Rosemary has mastered a deep knowledge of healing with essential oils and essences. She is the creator of Crystal Nectar Essences, a line of crystal essences available through the Rising Fire Store. Most recently she discovered the very high quality essential oils of DoTerra which she endorses and offers through the Store as well. Beam is a specialist in body cleansing and detoxification, which she will begin to share programmatically in 2014. She is also piloting our Vision Quest program after having done her first solo wilderness Quest in 2013.

A theme that clearly weaves through Rosemary’s professional life is her tremendously open-hearted devotion for ongoing community building. She has been conducting ceremonial fires and weekly meditation in Portland since 2010. Rosemary’s goal,as a healer, is to help awaken the human spirit to it’s epic journey through all realms.

Contact Rosemary at or schedule a session online!

Sarah Link

Shamanic Practitioner

Sarah utilizes sound frequency in her shamanic practice to help facilitate healing on all levels. An important aspect of her practice is working with caregivers of the dying.

World travel awakened her to the tremendous variations of life vibration that Pachamama (Earth Mother) holds. Direct experience of the frequencies of deep water, sacred mountains and ancient human cultures have been inspiring Sarah’s shamanic healing work ever since.

Sarah has a BA in Asian Studies, an International Tour Management certification, and earned a license in Massage Therapy (1998). She has made a study of Ayurveda, essential oils, energy medicine, motherhood and the crucible of relationship.

Sarah has committed seven years to healing and study with Rosemary Beam and Elle Rosenthal at Rising Fire. Additionally, she has studied sound healing with Lauri Shainsky, Phd, and the teachings Tom Kenyon, Peggy Black, Judy Satori. In her work with death and dying, Sarah is inspired by the work and practices of Bodhi Be, Ram Dass and Stephen Jenkinson.

Contact Sarah at or book a session now!


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