pi stone munay-kiThe Munay-Ki rites are initiations of the High Andes brought to us by Alberto Villodo and his mentors, the Q’ero medicine men and women of Peru. The initiations transform our luminous energy field, the electromagnetic body surrounding our physical body. This luminous energy field holds the imprints of our traumas, woundings, and beliefs, and as we step into these initiations, we rewire the luminous architecture and begin to mulch the woundings which allows us to transform from Homo-sapien to Homo-luminous. In contrast to Darwin’s theory where evolution happens in between generations, this process allows you to take a leap in evolution now!

Two paths to obtain:

  • Munay-Ki Introduction
  • Mentoring Class Munay-Ki Weekend Intensive

Munay-Ki Introduction and Mentoring Class

There are nine rites of initiation; in this 2 hour class, one particular rite is introduced and offered to new recipients each month. Each rite is also offered to those who would like to re-receive a particular rite along with personal mentoring to learn ways to continue growing the seeds of initiation.

Cost: $10-$30 sliding scale. For those of you who have taken the Munay-Ki Rites Intensive with us, please come as our guest, and bring a friend.

Munay-Ki Weekend Intensive

This course begins on Friday evening with a sacred Fire Ceremony based on the traditions of the Q’ero, the Medicine men and women of the High Andes. Instruction will be given to create and steward your own Fire Ceremony and teach others how to use Fire Ceremony as a catalyst to release prayers in a powerful way.

The first four rites are given on Saturday, and the following 5 rites are given on Sunday. You will have the opportunity to practice giving rites to others as well as connect with others on the same path.

Each rite is explored fully in this weekend course. Here you will learn how to transmit each rite, and once you have received the rite, you begin to practice gifting them. By the end of the weekend, you will have knowledge of all nine rites, you will have received the energetic transmission, and you will have begun to shift your luminous architecture.

Cost: $450, bring a friend, and you each save $50