Body Cleanse Class – 10 weeks to Empowerment and Change

Power Your Health
Join us every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm for 10 weeks beginning March 24, 2016.
Let us help you nourish yourself and discover what impairs your health with our  Body Cleanse Program. Learn to make choices that support a vital body, a healthy lifestyle, and an empowered mindset.

Tools for Empowerment
Rosemary Beam has years of experience cleansing to help you make a breakthrough in chronic illness and imbalance.
Her goal is to help you understand your body and give you tools and techniques to empower yourself to achieve your particular state of wellness.

One on One Support for Integrative Nutrition
Rosemary will be working with each participant individually to complement the group support and classes — all so crucial in addressing old patterns that make it difficult to make nourishing choices. She will help you shift detrimental environments that create stumbling blocks to sustaining a positive lifestyle change, and she will work with you to create a supportive family dynamic as you make the changes necessary for well being.

Elements for Positive Change
The Body Cleanse program will provide you with skills and knowledge to create optimal health. This includes:

• How to shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables at the best prices – and then how to process these foods to easily make them part of each meal

• Cooking techniques including knife and prep skills & kitchen set-up

• Guidance for delicious, nutrient dense meals for healing, making incremental improvements

• How to get kids & partners enthusiastically involved

• Up-to-date information on cleansing, juicing & fasting to accelerate physical & emotional healing

• Life skills & awareness practices to move through your habitual relationship with food … moving toward nourishment and joy!

Cost of entire 10 week course, including one-on-one support: $750
Payment plans are considered.

Rising Fire co-director Rosemary Beam facilitates this program based upon her years of nutritional healing and her passion for helping others to make a graceful transition to healthy lifestyle. With her partner Elle Rosenthal, Rosemary integrates shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings & non-duality awareness training. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

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