Despacho Offering Ceremony

Restoring Balance

The Peruvian Despacho is a sacred ceremony for creating harmony and “right relationship” in the world. It is a personal and collective healing practice with the power of deep and abiding transformation.

Come join us in this beautiful and ancient ceremony!

Establish New Patterns of Possibility
A Despacho is a gift that we create in ceremony. It places us in right relationship (“ayni”) with the Pachamama, with our work, our families and our own internal landscape. The Despacho ceremony reconnects us to ourselves as it awakens and strengthens our core energy centers:

  Yankay – our personal power and source of action, located in our belly;

  Munay  – the source of our love, located in our heart center, and;

  Yachay – the wisdom sourced from our third eye.

In this ceremony, we establish new patterns of relation-ship and possibility in the world. Despachos are both mystical and practical. They are truly a living art form!

Despachos Bridge the Realms
Despachos are performed for many reasons. Among the Andean people, the contents of the Despacho are deter-mined by its purpose. The various elements that comprise the Despacho interact energetically to permit access to the doorway from ordinary to non-ordinary reality.

Many Types of Despachos
In this class we will offer an in depth review of the many types of Despachos from the teachings of Peruvian master Don Manuel Quispe.

We will learn to make several Despachos based upon the needs of the group. Variations may include Despachos to the Earth, the Stars, the Mountains, and/or to Death. We may make a Blooming Despacho or an “Ayni” Despacho.

No matter what form our ceremony takes, we will honor the spirits of the places and relationships that are important to us. We will bring balance to our lives and correct the relationship between our secular and sacred worlds.

A Unique Opportunity
Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to learn how to create a beautifully authentic healing ceremony. Tuition includes all teachings, handouts and materials.

The program is facilitated by Elle Rosenthal, M.A. & Rosemary Beam, shamanic healers,  international teachers, workshop facilitators &experienced expedition leaders working in the Peruvian tradition. Elle & Rosemary integrate shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings & non-duality awareness training. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

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