Healing Breathwork

Opportunity for Deep Release
Releasing trauma, old beliefs and dense energy with shamanic breathwork is a great way to revitalize and heal the mind, the body and the energy field. Breath workshops include instruction and two 90 minute breathing sessions with extraordinary music and facilitation.

Allowing Ourselves to EXHALE!
How many of us learned as children to hold our breath and tense our bodies to make it through painful experiences? This way of protecting ourselves from perceived threat has become chronic and habitual, reducing our capacity for fully experiencing life. The armoring we developed sets us up for contracted and reactive relationships in the world, while the body and unconscious mind hold onto these patterns for “dear life!”

Freedom from Resistance
Working in a trance state created by accelerated breathing frees us from long-held resistance to our expanded, tender selves. Experiences can be emotional, physical and psychological, and breathers often access and release old life events, feelings and memories that have been held in the body. Here we can work more easily with the non-rational emotional charges that often stop us from being free of those issues and patterns we can’t seem to finish.

Supporting Your Healing
During the Healing Breath Workshop, each participant will have the opportunity for self-directed breathing for 90 or 60 minutes with training and support in accessing an expanded state of non-ordinary awareness. We will take turns breathing and holding space for others, and then we will process our experiences together.


The workshop will be facilitated by Ellyn Rosenthal, M.A., and Rosemary Beam, shamanic healers and teachers working in the Peruvian tradition. Experienced workshop leaders, Rosenthal and Beam integrate mystery teachings from many traditions, including Buddhist dharma, Native North American influences, European shamanism and non-duality. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

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