Healing the Land FieldTrip

Start a New Tradition!

Join Rising Fire shamans on a “Green Friday” fieldtrip. Walk off that turkey stuffing and give thanks to life!  Be part of a movement to re-source with nature, free of the limits of consumer culture.

Children are most welcome at no cost as long as they are able to work and explore with the group. Two children per adult registrant max.

Access the Pachamama Energy

The Pachamama and the Elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire are always pulsing with life force. There are places on the land where the frequency of this force is strongest, and Earth-based traditions have developed ways for accessing these places to recharge the human spirit and soul.

Learn to Work with the Land for Healing & Recharging

Come learn how to sense and access these vortexes of energy as we work with the Sandy River and the surrounding forest. Fill up with the joy and strength that the Pachamama offers. Also, we will learn how to find and heal places where dense energy is clogging or contaminating the Earth’s frequency. Create reciprocity with the Pachamama as we remember our intrinsic relationship with this great Being we call home!

These skills are remarkably natural to learn! Come explore, have fun and create value in the world on Black Friday.

For more information about Rising Fire and the programs we offer, visit us online at: rising-fire.com.

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