Intro to Shamanism

World View and Practices of Modern Shamanism

Modern shamanism offers a process for personal exploration and growth based on traditions from around the world. The practices are profoundly spiritual and rooted in nature. They provide a powerful map for coming “home” … freeing us from old habits of mind and body and allowing each of us to heal the past and to cultivate our aliveness.

Introductory Workshop

This workshop offers students an overview of shamanism as it is practiced today for healing and spiritual growth. We will explore the shaman’s world view and how it is relevant to the complex lives we lead. Participants will directly experience the ways of seeing and knowing that shamans have practiced across time and place in order to clear and shift habitual patterns and deeply held beliefs that no longer serve us in creating a good life. Students will leave the class with a number of practices they can engage in at home, in ceremony and in community.

Participants are invited to bring a journal and a rock that fits in your palm.
Bring a rattle or frame drum if you have one. Extras will be available.

The Introductory Workshop will be facilitated by the dynamic duo Elle Rosenthal, M.A. and Rosemary Beam, shamanic healers and teachers working in the Peruvian tradition. Experienced workshop leaders, they integrate shamanic work with mystery teachings from many traditions, including Buddhist dharma, Native North American influences, crystal healing, European shamanism and the current understandings of Quantum Healing and non-duality.

They are known for their compassionate and honest approach that facilitates deep personal transformation and expanded awareness. Rosenthal & Beam host regular community ceremony in the Portland area as well as ongoing classes to study shamanic healing, Dying Consciously and other topics in depth.


For questions contact: or 503.288.5175

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