Introduction to Shamanism FREE CLASS!

Thrive in Body, Mind & Soul
Modern shamanism provides a process for personal exploration and growth rooted in earth-based traditions from around the world. 

Come for an introduction to powerful skills, practices and inspired teachings that will guide you to deep physical, emotional and relational healing.

This is the basis for lasting, vital wellness.

Skills to Reclaim Your Soul
This workshop offers students an overview of shamanism as it is practiced today for healing and spiritual growth. We will explore the shaman’s world view and how it is relevant to the complex lives we lead…how this orientation could change our very trajectory.

Participants will have direct experience of the ancient shamanic ways of knowing truth. Empowered by these seeing skills, you will learn how to clear habitual energetic patterns and heal the unconscious programming that makes you “sick and tired.”

Beginners and experienced explorers are most welcome!

Living with Courage and Joy
At the very core, our souls long to be fully present in each moment. Yet, society and family often teach us to be small in order to feel safe. Learn how the gifts of ancient traditions provide the pathway you need to reclaim the aliveness of your unique soul!

Safe Space to Explore
Rising Fire teachers expertly create a safe and inspiring environment so that every student can unravel and release the physical and emotional barriers that stop them from living and loving fully.

Tasting Freedom
This introductory class is a taste of our ongoing work in cultivating the shaman’s tools of perception, ceremony, and living energy. Come, clarify the connection between your body, thoughts, and emotions in order to heal and recover your innate strength and reclaim your vitality.

Cultivate Radical Aliveness
Transform your life with Rising Fire! To explore more deeply, we offer the Rising Fire Medicine Wheel weekend intensives. Heal body, mind, and soul with practices of energy medicine, inquiry, meditation, sacred drama, journeying, breathwork, earth painting and ceremony. Cultivate the ability to come to life again and again, to experience what we call “Radical Aliveness.”


This program is facilitated by Elle Rosenthal, M.A. & Rosemary Beam, shamanic healers,  international teachers, workshop facilitators &experienced expedition leaders working in the Peruvian tradition. Elle & Rosemary integrate shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings & non-duality awareness training. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.


The class meets 10am – 12:30pm. Please bring a journal and a rock to the Intro class, as well as a rattle or drum if you have them.

Advanced registration is required and space is limited.   For questions contact: or call: 503.288.5175

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