Medicine Wheel Study Group


Explore the Dharma and Shamanic Practices in Tribe!
Support and be supported by community as we step into the work of shedding our past and being ALIVE in our daily lives. The intention of this group is to encourage one another by sharing our experiences with the readings and to deepen our experience and understanding of the practices learned throughout the two year process of Medicine Wheel. 

Reading List Book and Shamanic Practices Study Group
A monthly meeting of students who have taken one or more Medicine Wheel sessions. The format will be split between discussion of readings and time for practices. We will meet to discuss a book from the Medicine Wheel Reading List and do a practice of a technology learned in the wheel.

Radical Acceptance
In this months study group, we will focus on the book Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach, PH.D. Radical Acceptance is from the reading list of Session One.  Tara Brach’s discussion of acceptance can be ground-breaking for students as they notice and explore thoughts, beliefs and habitual patterns regarding their own sense of value as a human being. As Brach states, “Believing that something is wrong with us is a deep and tenacious suffering.” Recognizing this belief and it’s inherent suffering allows for a more spacious way to hold ourselves lightly, with love and radical acceptance. Come explore this reading with your fellow tribemates!

Shamanic Practice
We will practice one of the techniques we have learned in Medicine Wheel.  It may be a Kath meditation or a Shamanic Journey, an energetic reset or inquiry, mesa mestai or earth painting. This is your opportunity to practice the practices with fellow tribe mates! Hiyaya!

The group will be lead by Rising Fire teaching assistants Karen Martinka and Lora Patrick. It is an open forum discussion and practice group and there is no charge. The only requirement is that you have taken at least one of the six sessions of Medicine Wheel. We intend for this group to form and grow organically as we meet and explore together. Come play, encourage and expand, grow and grock your medicine!

If you are an out-of-town student and would like to attend via Skype, please contact Lora at to make arrangements.

Visit us online at!

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