Medicine Wheel Weekend Intensive Session 1

Rising Fire’s Medicine Wheel course is a framework for change. A beautiful earth-based tradition, the Wheel offers a consistent pathway to freedom in daily life. Powerful skills, practices and  inspired teachings guide students to deep physical, emotional and relational healing.

This is the basis for lasting, vital wellness.

Accelerate Your Personal Work
We merge ancient energy healing techniques with modern psycho-dynamic process. Through the process of the Wheel, you will heal the internalized paradigms that make you “sick and tired.”  Together, we recover the original gifts of our True Nature:  joy, strength, tenderness, will and stillness.

Inspired Teachings: Freedom in Daily Life
Six Sessions over a two year period create a framework for freedom in daily life.

 ~ One:  Opening the Wheel. Learn the foundational practices sparked by curiosity, strength and joy.

  ~Two:  Supporting the Soul. Serpent teaches you to shed the grip of your past. This is where the healing begins to accelerate your work, changing your life’s trajectory.

  ~ Three:  Reviving the Courageous Heart. Jaguar fuels the fire of your inner journey. Reclaim the sweetness of all that is true, no matter how joyful or challenging! 

 ~ Four:  Becoming Stillness. Eagle shows you how to realize who you truly are. Clearing habitual mental and behavioral patterns allows you to experience extraordinary expansiveness in everyday life. 

  ~Five:  Standing in the Center. A powerful integration of tools, teachings, and practices. Your soul feels alive!

  ~Six:  Being Real.  Our closing session will support you to deepen and refine your own style of steadfast practice as you carry the Work into every aspect of your life. 

Cultivate Radical Aliveness
Heal body, mind, and soul with shamanic practices, self-inquiry, meditation, breathwork, journeying, sacred drama, and ceremony.

Cultivate the ability to come to life again and again, to experience what we call “Radical Aliveness.”

Weekend Intensive Tuition  Ÿ3-day, class Friday – Sunday  $485

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