Mesa Party!!!

Come One … Come All! Rising Fire is hosting a fun party for Portland-area Mesa Carriers.

The Mesa is the medicine bundle created by shamans working in the Peruvian tradition. All graduates of Rising Fire Medicine Wheels are Mesa Carriers!!

This gathering is for anyone who is creating or has already developed a Mesa, even if you haven’t studied with us. You could even wear your All Hollows Eve attire!

We will be having some social time together with snacks and refreshments as well as taking a dive deep into our medicine, working at the Mythic and in the practical!! We will continue our work through the Mesa with uncovering limiting beliefs and old relationship patterns that keep us from thriving in daily life.

This is a FREE introduction to a series of classes we plan to launch in the near future.  Come and join in Sacred Play (the Q’ero call it “Pulkray”) with your tribe.  The evening, led by shaman Rosemary Beam, will be interactive, personal, FUN and community-building.

For questions, please contact us at 503-288-5175 or

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