Outdoor Altars

Working with the Sacred

Altars are a beautiful way to embody and honor our soul’s journey. Creating an altar provides space to remember, notice, honor and release old stories and deeply held beliefs; to become available to destiny instead of continuing to repeat history. We look at the areas in our lives where love is needed – relationships, work, family patterns – and this knowing guides us.

Soulful Creations
There are no rules or set templates to making an altar – the basic underlying theme comes through sacred impulse and the prayers brought to the process. It is this intention, availability and openness to creation that builds the altar.

Altars are made to hold our becoming, to honor something particular, or for specific changes in a person’s life. They can be very simple or quite elaborate. Altars are often built using items from nature such as stones, flowers, pinecones or shells, or by using objects that are personally meaningful. The key is intention and surrendering all you think you know – all the positions and habits held around the person or issue – and allowing yourself to create from a sacred place. 

Creating Change in Our Lives
Altars are created for specific changes in life, to honor ancestors, the elements of nature or even tragic events. They can be used to create a collective community space. Often, before we can shift our lives, we must come to closure with old patterns, beliefs, pain, or life situations. An altar creates the space for the end of these cycles and allows us to call on beauty and wholeness.

Resource from Outdoor Altars
Altars that are made on the Earth offer archetypal, universal resources for the recovery of our souls. The Pachamama brings the seasons and cycles of nature. The great metabolizer, she provides a space for humans to release dense energy as beautiful fertilizer for Spring flowers. Altars created outdoors on the land are sparked by this alliance with the forces of nature. 

Tending Altars, Healing Ourselves
As offerings on our altars are informed with intention and prayers, the altar becomes alive. Sacred objects are moved as we shift and as change occurs within us. Our altars continue to hold and nourish our deepest healing. It is a sacred, loving and powerful act to bring honor and gratitude to life and its issues in ways that are authentic and in the moment.

Join us to Learn this Sacred Practice!
This class is perfect for beginners and experienced ceremonialist alike. Join us!


This program is facilitated by Elle Rosenthal, M.A. & Rosemary Beam, shamanic healers,  international teachers, workshop facilitators &experienced expedition leaders working in the Peruvian tradition. Elle & Rosemary integrate shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings & non-duality awareness training. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

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