Series: Client Work for Advanced Practitioners


September through November 2017 –

Second & Fourth Wednesdays ( exception for Thanksgiving, see below* )   

7 – 9:30pm

Series Tuition $300 

Fire Up Your Healing Practice
Cultivating profound personal work with clients requires skill and ongoing refinement on the part of the practitioner. Hone your skills in a supportive community of fellow practitioners with expert facilitation. This series is appropriate for all practitioners who do psycho-dynamic work with their clients, alone or in concert with energy healing.

Developing Rapport with Clients
Healing work requires rapport between the client and practitioner. Practice and get feedback on your process of attuning to the safety and support needs of your clients.

Experience with Deep Exploration
Excellence in helping clients to explore and understand
the themes of their developmental traumas as well as their
strengths and resources is a profound gift.

Sacred Discomfort. Practice holding clients’ discomfort of realization and growth through difficult times.

Understanding Trauma & Regulating. Understand developmental trauma and forms of regulation. Experience and practice facilitating this exploration
with others for your own growth and confidence as a healing practitioner. Tools & Practices. Learn a wide variety of skills for working in the mythic or symbolic, where reality is more easily accessible. 

Framework and Support. Class lectures will clearly present themes, concepts and practices, step by step. Participants will have the opportunity to practice in class and in off-site sessions as assigned. Knowledge, Skills & Expertise
Develop your unique style of working with clients. Skills will include facilitating body-based awareness, working with The Critic, unpacking client wounds and problems, bringing kindness to the process, working with triggers, repair work around developmental trauma, working with curses and ancestral themes, chronic fight or flight (also known as anxiety). We will also work systematically with physical illness. Participants may also request class focus in specific areas where they would like more information and practice.

Understand how to facilitate individuals as well as couples and parents to Healing the Past: Cultivating Aliveness.

Cultivate Confidence
Begin with the first cycle of this ongoing workshop!

Transform your life as you enhance and refine your skills with clients. Cultivate the ability help your clients come to life again and again, to experience what we call “Radical Aliveness.”

* We will hold class on November 29th instead of November 22nd to work around Thanksgiving * 


This program is facilitated by Elle Rosenthal, M.A, shamanic healer, international teacher, business coach, workshop facilitator and experienced expedition leader. Elle and her partner Rosemary Beam integrate shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings and non-duality awareness training. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

QUESTIONS:  –   503-288-5175   – 

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