Shamanic Journeying Series

Navigating the Soul

The journey is the shaman’s basic technology.  Come learn this universal practice to directly experience guidance and clear-seeing. Travel in non-ordinary reality, joining with spirit guides and allies to gain wisdom and healing.


Don’t miss this chance to explore the realm of “the time to come,” a place of great vision and healing that is within our reach.  Learn to be your own shaman as we complete the series of hands-on practice!

Accessing Insight from the Three Worlds For the shaman, the universe is divided into three realms: the Lower, the Middle and the Upper Worlds. We travel in these realms, outside of time and space, freeing us from the constraints of our habitual mind. Change is sparked here! It is how we navigate the waters of the soul.

Aligning with the Earth’s Vibration Shamans journey in non-ordinary reality assisted by the heartbeat of the drum, shifting our consciousness from beta to alpha states, into a light trance. Human beings are built to journey, and we can do it intentionally, enhanced by focus and training. We launch our journeys from our favorite places on the Earth or from imaginal and fantastical places of power. Medicine men and women often journey up or down the trunk of the World Tree or rise up the smoke of magical fire.

Beginners and experienced explorers most welcome!

Ancient Practices Support Your Healing

This special series has been a taste of our ongoing work in mastering the Shaman’s Tools of Perception, Ceremony, and Living Energy. In each class, learned medicine teachings and practices while you accelerating personal healing and discovering skills that develop emotional intelligence for “living alive!”

This last class in the series will round out the teachings. It’s also a great stand-alone class for students who missed May and June sessions — come taste the work!

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