Shamanism and Sound

Shamanism and Sound
A monthly gathering to engage with the mystery and power of your voice.

This is an opportunity for you to engage with your own sacred sound, perhaps for the very first time. We will begin with breath, add vibration and tones, then see where your voice takes you.

We will explore sound through shamanic journey, breath, focused intention, direct experience and a host of other avenues for the simple joy of dancing with mystery and our relationship to it.

You will have an opportunity to feel the effects of coherence and dissonance as sound waves move through the tissues of your body and the recalibration that can happen as a result.

Sharing our voices with one another in this way can lead you to an experience of expansion, personal power, healing or realignment. This is what shamans mean by refining our Luminous Energy Body.

Bring your curiosity and a bottle of water and wear comfy clothing..

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