Soul Retrieval

Return to Wholeness
We cannot be whole until we retrieve the essential aspects of our soul that we’ve lost due to stress and trauma. Shamans throughout time and place have practiced Soul Retrieval to heal this deep wounding. Join us and answer your soul’s longing for wholeness

Soul Loss is a Result of Trauma
When human beings experience trauma, aspects of our soul’s resources are torn away. In the shaman’s language, these features of our wholeness are banished to the Lower World, the domain of shadow. Soul loss occurs as a result of life’s many experiences:

•   A child who is consistently slammed by an angry parent will experience his sweet, undefended heart becoming hard and his curious openness unreachable. In this example, the gift of his natural innocence becomes too dangerous and painful to live with, and soul loss occurs.

•   Soul loss can also occur in adulthood: jealous spouses or competitors may have “fractured” these soul parts — the confident self, the trusting self, the self who loves freely and feels worthy of being loved in return.

•  Trauma that is the result of an accident or the death of a loved one is similarly devastating. The loss of trust in the world or in our own ability to thrive drains away our life force and undermines our mental and physical health.

Losing Our Greatest Gifts
When we experience soul loss, we lose access to our joy, innocence, strength, will, stillness, compassion and kindness. We no longer have the personal resources to embrace these aspects of our True Nature – and we cease to enjoy life.

Stop Repeating Wounded Patterns
Shamans know that when we have experienced a signify-cant soul loss, we replay our wounding over and over. We have lost the resources to repair the damage that was done and chose healthy options. When we discover the source of the original wounding, we can heal it, and break our self-destructive patterns. We do this by recovering the quanta of life force that was lost so long ago.

Return to Wholeness with Soul Retrieval
Come learn to summon the parts of the soul that you have lost through shamanic journey. Retrieve the talents, possibilities, and potentials that have retreated to the hidden recesses of your psyche. This class is open to beginners and experienced students of shamanism alike.

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