Transformational Breathwork® Workshop, With Guest Facilitator Dirk Myers

Transformational Breath® is a complete spiritual self-healing system intended to open the breath, oxygenate the body, and create a high-vibration energy field that allows the individual self to realign with Source. The technique uses a powerful, connected, diaphragmatic breath combined with affirmations, body mapping and human touch, toning and sound, and direct invocation of spiritual energies.

By relaxing and opening the breath, participants will facilitate the natural healing process for all types of trauma, change how they respond to life, and experience greater joy and inner peace.

Transformational Breath® provides benefits for the physical body, emotional/mental body, and connection with Source. In this two-hour Workshop, you will discover the basics of Transformational Breath®, including an introduction and demonstration of the breathing technique, and you will experience a full breathwork session in a facilitated group setting.

Physically, Transformational Breath can give more energy, clear out toxins in the body, and eliminate physical symptoms caused by repressions in the mental or emotional body.

Emotionally, Transformational Breath can resolve repressed or suppressed emotions: patterns that no longer serve and keep individuals from realizing their sense of aliveness.

Mentally, the breathwork clears old repressed feelings, through forms and memories, creating deeper levels of peace, creativity and clarity.

Spiritually, Transformational Breath creates an open state by clearing the subconscious, allowing access to the higher self, which is the spiritual soul connection or spiritual dimension.

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Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Participants should bring a water bottle, blanket, a pillow, and light snacks for after the session.

About Dirk Myers:
Dirk is a Group Leader and Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator. He has been practicing Transformational Breath for nearly a decade. First drawn to the breathwork to help fight depression, shyness, and anxiety, Dirk has transformed his life and career. He has presented Transformational Breath workshops and trainings in the United States and the UK. Find him on the web at

~Facilitation Team~

Facilitator: Dirk Myers, Seattle, WA.

Facilitators In Training:
Lecion Brogan, Vancouver, WA.
Eli Pratt, Portland, OR.

Rising Fire is excited to host this incredible, transformational Breath ®workshop. Visit us at

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