Vision Quest 2016

                                           Vision Quest 2016

At the center of our lives there is an honesty, a vitality, that seems to slip away as we enact our daily life. Focusing our attention on this quiet, subtle core of who we really are, awakens us to Truth. In the process of the Vision Quest, we are re-introduced to ourselves through purification, solitude and communion with the wild earth. 

The Quest is a journey inward – a sweet calling to the Beloved. It is the cultivation of a quiet, internal sacred space where consciousness blossoms.

                                        Myrtle Point, Oregon

                                         October 8 – 15, 2016

Vision Quests are rites of passage that have been conducted by tribal peoples through time and place. They provide a welcome doorway back home to the true self for contemporary traditions today. We open this doorway to the soul by breaking with our daily routine and ordinary consciousness and immersing ourselves in wild nature through solitude, physical purification and deep ceremony. By collaborating with the vast stillness in the land, we can allow the unraveling of our habitual dodging and blocking, opening to the natural flow of our physical, mental and imaginal resources. Vision Quests are the chance of a life time – a time to use our intention to live with a clearer sense of purpose and presence – and an opportunity to tend to the heart of our families as well as our larger communities.

                                       The Program

Camp Myrtlewood, Oregon – Camp Myrtlewood is 158 acres of temperate rainforest, streams, meadows and rustic buildings nestled in the coast range of southern Oregon. The Southern Coastal Range is a mountainous ecoregion with mature forests hosting a diverse array of plant & wildlife, including black bear, elk, deer, beaver and many species of birds. Running through camp is Myrtle Creek, home to salmon, trout, otters and beavers.

We begin our journey on Saturday afternoon, October 8th, with a walking tour of Camp Myrtlewood. Opening Ceremony will be held Saturday evening and first day of preparation begins Sunday morning. Camp Myrtlewood is a 4 hour drive from Portland and is located between Coos Bay and Roseburg. Carpooling from Portland & airport pickups will be arranged! We’ll help with logistics.

Our Vision Quest will be organized around the traditional Medicine Wheel – honoring East, South, West and North and working with the elements of air, fire, water and earth.  We will have two days of preparation, three days of solo questing and fasting with water, and one full day of sharing, integration and honoring of all we experienced during the solo. Each preparation day will include a combination of didactic teaching, inquiry, dialog with the land and elements of nature, journeying to the Three Worlds, drumming, journal writing, poetry and partnering with other participants in ceremony and ritual. 

The solo, a three day sojourn in nature, will be creatively oriented and supported by the deep preparation, practices and facilitation we engage in as a tribe. Each quester will select his/her own site with which to surrender to the Mystery, inviting the inspiration and grief that comes at the end of every cycle and the beginning of another. Your three day solo in the wilderness will be supported by beautiful terrain, all the supplies you will need, and the encouragement of your friends and allies to dive deeply in your medicine in a sacred way.

Pre-trip prep and ongoing support are built into this retreat experience. A central fire will be  tended round the clock during your quest as we hold you sweetly for your growth and inspiration! Post-trip integration allows the insights and unfoldment of the Quest into your life.

The entire trip will be spent in retreat on the land in Camp Myrtlewood, with all food, local transportation and supplies included. Water and beverages, as well as healthy meals before and after the solo will be provided. Bring camping tent, mat and sleeping bag. No camping experience necessary.

Tuition & Accommodations: $800 all inclusive
Register and pay in full by July 9th and receive a 10% discount!

Register with a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your place.
All balances are due by September 15, 2016.

More information: or 503-288-5175

This program is facilitated by Elle Rosenthal, M.A. & Rosemary Beam, shamanic healers, international teachers, workshop facilitators &experienced expedition leaders working in the Peruvian tradition. Elle & Rosemary integrate shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings & non-duality awareness training. Their approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

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