Working with the Mesa

Practical Teachings: Working in the Mythic.


Dates: Second Wednesday,January 2019 through June 2019
Time: 7 – 9:00pm
Cost: Series Tuition $350

Cultivating profound personal work with your medicine practices requires ongoing refinement. Hone your skills in a supportive community of fellow Mesa Carriers with expert facilitation. This series is for all Mesa Carriers, including but not limited to graduates of Rising Fire Medicine Wheels!

Developing a Relationship with Your Mesa

Learn how to engage your Mesa with respect, curiosity, relationality and FUN! Your Mesa is a mythic map that provides a window for you to come to know yourself and to discover your own limiting beliefs and identities as well as your trauma, brilliance, and resources!

Invoke Big Changes!

Using your Mesa magnifies your ability to invoke big changes in the world. Develop your own unique style of working with your Mesa. Deepen skills and understanding of focusing practices, tracking, unpacking wounding, triggers, ancestral themes, double binds, and uncovering where hucha lives in your body and in your life.

Cultivate Confidence in Difficult Times

This series is a great way to cultivate your confidence in working with the Mesa as a medicine partner and guide for yourself and others.

Practice holding discomfort of realization and growth through difficult times — utilizing your Mesa as a resource during these challenging times.

Tools, Practices and Support

Learn a wide variety of skills to work in the mythic, where we can see and shift our patterns more easily. This series presents themes, concepts and practices, step by step. Participants will have the opportunity to practice
in class and in off-site sessions, as assigned.

Tuition is based on the series … not per class.
Full tuition is due by January 9, 2019.


This program is facilitated by Rosemary Beam, a Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian tradition. She is a shamanic healer, international teacher, workshop facilitator and experienced expedition leader. Rosemary integrates shamanic energy work with Mystery Teachings and non-duality awareness training. Her approach accelerates personal work with a skillful, strong, and practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life. Learn more at

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