LOVE THE EARTH: LIVE SUSTAINABLYLearn to live sustainably

In the Peace of Wild Things

Loving the Earth programs focus on creating a personal template to live sustainably and embracing responsibility for the Land. We work open-heartedly, without judgment, to explore how we rely on consumerism and externalized habits to maintain the appearance of a happy life. This work goes hand-in-hand with the personal development we do in our other programs, so that the historical clearing and increased capacity for intimacy supports a gentle life on the Earth. We develop a love for, what Lynn Twist calls, SUFFICIENCY. From this experience of having and being enough, our stewardship of the Pachamama is natural and joyful.

Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) Courses

Rising Fire’s commitment to the health of the land moves us to offer Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) courses such as Voluntary Simplicity, Discovering a Sense of Place, and Change by Degrees: Addressing the Climate Challenge to encourage others to live sustainably.  Join us for a two-hour discussion group once a week for 8 to 13 weeks. Engage with like-minded folks, exploring new ideas and thought-provoking research.  These are non-judgmental and joyful community events.  We have participated in these classes ourselves and have found them to be powerful and inspiring. Look for upcoming classes in our schedule.

Live Sustainably: Embrace Simplicity and Heal the Land

Shamanic work on the land takes an active approach to clearing and bringing healing energy to places in our region that have been contaminated and mistreated. Based in part on the work of Core Shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman in her book Medicine for the Earth, we will be hosting Healing Field Trips for clearing physical and energetic dense energy (pollution) from the land and rivers. A process taught in Peru called Hucha Mihkwi (metabolizing dense energy) will enhance our energy medicine practices as we learn and apply them in community.

Rising Fire hosts Healing the Earth Field Trips throughout the year. We also hold regular Despacho Ceremonies for the blossoming wellness of the Pachamama.


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