Whether you find yourself in the role of healing practitioner, corporate sales executive, small business entrepreneur, or community organizer, you will find Rising Fire programs that will ignite your spirit to achieve the best practices and outcomes in your business, your workforce dynamic, and your own relationship to “work.”

Job Coaching: Make a Living and Stay Alive

Certain themes that inhibit our success run across all areas of business, such as our relationship to money and authority. Rising Fire Job Coaching quickly and effectively gets to the core of work and productivity conflicts and guides clients to resolution.

Creating Safe Space Where Growth Happens 
We work teams in group process facilitation: gathering intelligence to assess project feasibility, creative design and work flows; working with teams to uncover their interactive structure in a non-personal way; helping individual team members to understand how they add and inhibit the whole.We bring insight and skill in guiding individual clients to discover where their personal stories and historical patterns interfere with their resourceful participation at work. Our twenty years of training have added significant tools for helping our job coaching clients and mentees focus their passion and unique gifts to create value in the world of work. Our humor and compassion create a safe space where growth happens.

Customized Programs for Corporate Wellness
The Rising Fire team has offered many customized programs to corporations and non-profits. You can look forward to seeing more organized programs from us in the future. At this time, we are delighted to create corporate wellness programs focusing on employee development and Mission Driven Fundraising and Team Development programs for non-profits in the Portland, OR area. Our Shamanic Healing Center is located on the Northeast side of Portland, Oregon, minutes from Interstate 405. Please contact us for a consultation.

Cost  Rising Fire’s fee for Job Coaching is $100 per hour. Work on-site includes a travel stipend.

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